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Post office plans late collections

Published on 01/03/2005

1 March 2005

BRUSSELS – The Belgian post office is conducting a trial run of late post collections to test whether they meet customer demands.

Between February and May post will be collected from six points in Brussels until 11.00 pm.

Any first class post deposited before 8.30 pm will be delivered the next working day, and letters within Brussels will be able to be posted until 11.00 pm for the same service.

The trial post boxes can be found at Gare du Nord, Place Schuman, Gare Centrale, Place de la Monnaie, Gare du Midi and Boulevard Industriel in the centre of Brussels.

Each of the post boxes will be marked with a new symbol of moon on a blue background.

The post office plans to advertise the new initiative by distributing 30,000 leaflets with more information.

Customers have been asked not to post more than ten items as the boxes have a limited capacity of 3-5000 letters.

The new service is aimed at busy professionals but also at those who want to send a greetings card on time or announce something quickly.

Currently, more than 2,300 letter boxes have collections between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm and can be recognised by their orange stickers.

Other boxes, which have collections after 7.00 pm, have blue stickers.

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