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Post Office gets more complaints

15 November 2007

BRUSSELS – The number of complaints that the Post Office ombudswoman received was up 15 percent last year.
In all the ombudswoman received 8,600 complaints about the Post Office’s service.

The top three complaints are slow delivery of priority mail, difficulties with Post Office staff, and poor organisation of the service. Many complaints are about the Post Office reorganisation.

Customers are upset because there are fewer mail boxes and post offices or because the mail is delivered later than usual. Ombudswoman Truus Lostrie says that postal workers can count on a lot of support from the public in general.

People understand why the postman is later than usual because individual workers have more work nowadays.

The Post Office management is not surprised by the findings.

Communications director Piet Van Speybroeck says that customers are now paying the price of a major reorganisation and the figures for this year should be better.

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