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Possible lengthy Brussels train delays

27 January 2006

BRUSSELS — Train traffic in and around Brussels could be severely disrupted on Friday night due to an accident near Josaphat-Brussel-Luxemburg.

Overhead cabling on two tracks at Josaphat-Brussel-Luxemburg was damaged after several empty carriages incorrectly ended up on a dead-end track.

The Belgian rail network authority Infrabel said no train traffic is possible due to the accident, newspaper ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ reported.

An Infrabel spokesman said carriages that needed to be hooked up to the Treski ski train were involved in a shunting error.

The brake-less trains ended up on the dead-end track and damaged overhead cabling.

Both tracks have been closed off and it is being investigated whether trains can be diverted or emergency bus transport needs to be deployed.

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