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Police release identikit in Annick case

24 May 2007

BRUSSELS – The police have released an identikit picture as part of the investigation into the murder of 18-year-old Annick Van Uytsel from Diest.

View the picture here on the Standaard’s website.

The picture shows a man approximately 65 years old with short white hair. Detectives are also looking for a young woman who might have information of interest to the case.

The man is of sturdy build and is presumably from the area. During the weekend of Annick’s disappearance he was asking local people about the Van Uytsel family. He was driving a light grey vehicle and was seen in the vicinity of her home.

Detectives are also looking for a young woman who was cycling on the Schoonaerde towards Diest at about 4.30am on the morning of Saturday 28 April.

She was driving on the left-hand side of the road. The authorities are asking that this young woman make contact with the police.

Spokesperson for the public prosecution department in Louvain Patrick Vits says the 65-year-old is only being sought as a witness at the moment. “We have received two vague tips about this person that could be relevant for the investigation and would therefore like the man to contact us for clarification.”

The girl who is being sought was seen by a witness along the route from Schaffen to Kaggevinne, the same route that Annick Van Uytsel took the night of her disappearance.

“We are trying to reconstruct the whole night of the disappearance. The witness noticed that the girl was cycling on the wrong side of the road. We are asking her to contact us so that we can rule out that it was Annick,” Vits says.

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