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Police raids in Belgium in FBI anti-piracy operation

Published on 01/08/2005

Updated 5 August 2005

BRUSSELS — House raids were carried out in Belgium in recent days as the FBI conducted an international operation against a software and DVD piracy gang.

The gang was accused of illegally copying software, CDs and films and selling them over the internet in a large-scale operation.

Raids were conducted in 15 nations, including Belgium, the Belgian Anti-piracy Foundation said. Belgian police conducted the raids based on an information exchange with US authorities. 

No arrests were carried out in Belgium, but the suspects targeted signed a declaration stating they will abide by regulations in future.

If they break that promise, legal action will be started, newspaper ‘De Morgen’ reported on Monday.

Eight US nationals said to be the leaders of the organised gang were arrested on Friday by the US federal police service FBI.

The FBI has estimated the gang inflicted damage to the entertainment industry totaling EUR 100 million.

The arrests allegedly busted 22 smaller gangs in the ‘Warez’ circuit, which distributes copied software, games, music and DVDs — often in an idealistic battle against the ‘system’.

However, the pirated copies are delivered to other gangs, who — with copied packaging — make commercial copies, which are then sold over the internet.

Initially published 1 August 2005

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