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Police outsmarted thousands of motorists dodging speed cameras

The smart checks – called ‘speedcontroles‘ in Belgium – are relatively new. They allow police to catch speeding drivers red-handed various times on the same stretch of road.

The system was introduced as traditional fixed speed cameras turned out to be no worry for most drivers. “We noticed that most motorists slowed down before the camera, only to accelerate once they passed it. This is why we introduced new ways of checking someone’s speed. We install more speed cameras, both mobile and fixed, over a longer distance”, explains Peter De Waele of the federal police.

This mostly happens on a long stretch of road, like on motorways, and it also means that mobile speed cameras are being installed before or after the traditional fixed speed camera, to catch drivers trying to dodge the checks.

As more speed cameras are being installed on one stretch of road, it’s possible that a motorist is being caught several times.

“When a driver accelerates after passing a speed check point, he can be caught two to three consecutive times”, Peter De Waele told the VRT. 


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