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Police launch National Security Plan

Belgian police hope to launch a major clamp down on organised crime.
Organised gangs of itinerant East Europeans are the main focus.

In recent months there has been a fall in the number of car and home jackings, but many gangs are not afraid to use violence.

Just think of the recent incident in Lot in Beersel (Flemish Brabant) in which a young police officer died.

The police now intend to deploy more staff to tackle organised crime. More funds will also be available.

The police also intend to focus on new forms of crime like computer crime.

Criminals who try to hack into financial systems Online are a growing problem.

Another important plank of the new National Security Plan is an effort to tackle domestic violence.

Domestic violence is no longer a taboo in Belgium. The police are getting more and more reports of such incidents and are acting more decisively in such issues.

Road safety is another priority.

The police intend to monitor the way motorists drive as well as motor vehicle and lorry safety.

Finally, the police also intend to give greater attention to urban disturbances.

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