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Police hunt ends: gangster Murat arrested

28 July 2006

BRUSSELS — Fugitive gangster Kaplan Murat was re-arrested early on Friday night in Dilbeek.

He was not carrying a weapon at the time and offered no resistance, the Nijvel public prosecution office said.

Murat’s girlfriend was earlier arrested on Friday, possibly to exert pressure on him.

There were also five house raids of people closely connected to the gangster. 

Murat had been at large since 16 July when he failed to return to prison following penitentiary leave.

He was spotted by police on 17 July at a Brico store in Wavre, but managed to elude capture. He then vanished without trace.

Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx has welcomed Murat’s arrest.

She was pleased that the fugitive was re-arrested and that no violence was involved.

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