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Police find weapons on disco patrons

19 February 2007

BRUSSELS – A police check of a disco in Brussels on Saturday morning turned up a small arsenal of weapons. Patrons of the nightspot had handguns and a machete. Fourteen people present were also wanted for various reasons. The public prosecution department in Brussels announced this on Monday.

The check in the disco on the Wolvengracht took place at about 7.00 a.m. on Saturday morning. 104 people were still at the disco. They were all checked for weapons and drug possession.

Police found three knives, two expandable batons, a 9mm pistol, an alarm gun, a pepper spray, an iron bar, and a machete. Five patrons had drugs on their person, specifically cocaine, speed and cannabis.

Fourteen of the people at the disco were wanted for various reasons. One was being sought in no fewer than 13 different cases.

The police took one person in for insubordination after he shouted accusations and insults at the officers. The police also picked up two illegal aliens and brought them to a closed centre.

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