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Police fail to meet deadline for higher fines

First degree traffic fines, e.g. for riding a bike without a light, were supposed to rise from 50 to 55 euros. Second degree traffic offences, e.g. using a mobile handset while driving, were set to go up to 110 euros from 100 euros, while the fine for the most serious traffic offences, e.g. failing to stop at a red light or not belting up a child, were going up to 165 euros from 150 euros.

The fines were supposed to rise on 1 March, but according to the daily De Standaard federal police haven’t managed to install the higher fines in the force’s 30,000 police computers.

Police spokeswoman Agnès Reis: “The work incurred delays as a result of technical problems.”

For the time being and until all police officers in the land have the new fine rates available on their computers the old fines will still apply. It remains unclear when it will be possible to implement the rise.

Agnès Reis: “2 April is our new target date, but I can’t promise everything will be operational by then.”

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