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Plane departs after 13 hour delay

28 June 2007

BRUSSELS – The Greek charter flight that was grounded all day on Wednesday finally left Zaventem for Turkey at about 9 pm last night.

The federal ministry for mobility and transport announced this on Wednesday. At first the airplane was not allowed to depart because of technical problems, later it was delayed because of a conflict between the Turkish passengers and the Greek crew.

The plane had been chartered by Turkish company FLY AIR.

The plane was originally scheduled to depart at 7.46 am, but did not actually leave until 9 pm.

After arguments between the passengers and crew the pilot refused to take off. A new crew had to be flown in from Athens before the flight could depart.

The aviation inspectorate has filed a report on the incident and will follow up on the situation. Het Nieuws on VTM at 7 pm reported that the pilot and co-pilot were fired.

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