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Plan to extend validity of car inspections

22 August 2005

BRUSSELS — Cars might in future only have to be inspected for registration purposes every two years under plans unveiled by Transport Minister Renaat Landuyt.

Presently, motorists have to have their cars inspected every year, but Landuyt told newspaper ‘De Tijd’ that starting from next year, this might be extended to every two years.

Consumer watchdog Test-Aankoop issued a critical report several months ago about car inspection garages, claiming that serious defects were too often overlooked.

Landuyt subsequently announced he would reform the sector and negotiations are continuing with the branch federation GOCA.

However, the Socialist SP.A minister said the talks are close to completion and he hopes new regulations can be introduced in January.

Currently, a new car needs to undergo a yearly inspection after four years of use, but Landuyt thinks that is unnecessary.

“Drivers already need to go less often to the garage because the cars are constantly getting better. It appears to me logical then that they should have to go less often to an inspection,” he said.
For well maintained cars, the inspection approval certificate will soon be probably valid for two years, the minister said.

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