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Pilot refuses to take off

Published on 27/06/2007

27 June 2007

BRUSSELS – A Greek charter flight has grounded for several hours at
Zaventem airport. The pilot has refused to take off after a conflict between passengers and crew.

A new crew is en route to Brussels at the moment. The flight will depart for Turkey in the early evening, says Brussels Airport spokesperson Jan Van der Cruysse.

There are some 400 Turkish passengers on board the Greek aircraft. The crew says they were causing trouble and damage to the aircraft because their flight was delayed for technical reasons. The cabin crew of the Greek plane also says it was threatened.

The pilot no longer wanted to depart by the time the technical problem was fixed. Van der Cruysse says the situation has calmed down and the passengers are awaiting the arrival of the new crew.

Greece and Turkey have a history of tension, stemming particularly from the conflict over divided island Cyprus.

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