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Photographers protest against prince

24 April 2007

HOBOKEN – Five press photographers who were invited to attend Prince Laurent’s visit to the animal clinic in Hoboken on Tuesday put down their cameras in protest during the visit because they were not allowed to take any photos of the prince in action.

Prince Laurent arrived a half hour late for the appointment in Hoboken on Tuesday. He was shown around the animal clinic briefly but soon made it clear that he didn’t want anyone looking over his shoulder during talks with the staff and visitors of the clinic. There was not much for the press to do but wait for the prince to leave the clinic.

“We were invited for this visit in advance. When we arrived it turned out to be a working visit at which we were not welcome,” said one of the photographers.

“We don’t have a problem with the fact that he didn’t want photos, but then he shouldn’t invite us,” said one of the photographers.

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