Home News Petrol bomb attack leads to Brussels bus strike

Petrol bomb attack leads to Brussels bus strike

Published on 20/03/2008

Public transport in Brussels is severely disrupted as a result of industrial action by the capital's bus drivers. The drivers downed tools in protest against an attack on one of their number by several members of the public.

On Tuesday a group of youngsters hurled a Molotov cocktail at a number 46 in the Brussels borough of Anderlecht.

In protest against this incident drivers of the Brussels local transport company MIVB at the Jacques Brel bus station in Anderlecht decided to take strike action on Wednesday morning.

In the course of the morning they were joined by drivers at two other Brussels bus stations, Delta in Oudergem and Haren in the City of Brussels.

The trade unions are backing the action.

Ann Vanhamme of the Brussels local transport company told the VRT that practically no buses were running after 6:30 on Wednesday morning.

The metro is running normally as are the services of the Flemish and Walloon local transport companies De Lijn and TEC that also operate in the capital.

Here and there tram drivers have also walked out.

This is the case in Elsene.

A crisis meeting is planned for later today. Police of the Brussels South zone that encompasses Anderlecht will also take part.