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Pasta tops list of favourite foods

Published on 15/02/2007

15 February 2007

BRUSSELS – A survey by supermarket chain Delhaize shows that there has been a visible shift in Belgians’ eating habits. The survey of 4,500 Belgians showed that more and more are choosing for healthier alternatives.

The study gauged what types of foods were being eaten more or less frequently than five years ago. When Belgians cook, their first concern is that the meal be healthy. Second most important is ease of preparation, followed by time required, and finally the taste, in fourth place.

The popularity of olive oil as a substitute for butter shows that more Belgians are choosing healthy alternatives, says Delhaize. Moreover 44 percent of respondents said they were eating fish more often, rather than meat. Finally, consumption of fresh fruit has also risen significantly over the past few years.

Pasta and stir-fry have also gained in popularity, while boiled potatoes are showing up less frequently on Belgian plates.

Seven in ten Belgians take the time to eat breakfast everyday, thirteen percent only on weekends.

During the week 75 percent eat sandwiches for lunch. During the weekend, especially on Sunday, most people have a hot meal in the afternoon.

List of the nation’s favourite meals:
1. Pasta (9.3 pc)
2. Steak and chips (7.2 pc)
3. Fish dishes (5.9 pc)
4. Spaghetti bolognaise (4.2 pc)
5. Salads (especially with goat cheese) (3.6 pc)
6. Belgian endive with cheese sauce (3.3 pc)
7. Scampi (3.1 pc)
8. Chicken (3.1 pc)
9. Mussels (2.1 pc)
10. Mutton or lamb dishes (2.0 pc)

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