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Parachute jump reconstructed for court

1 June 2007

BRUSSELS – An experienced parachute jumper will soon have to re-enact the fatal jump which claimed the life of Els Van Doren (37) in November last year.

This is the first time the court is requiring this kind of reconstruction.

The examining magistrate in Tongeren wants to demonstrate that during a jump, a parachutist can keep track of the part of another parachute that has become loose and see where it lands, Het Laatste Nieuws reports.

Chief suspect Els C. (22) was the only parachutist who was able to point out where a piece of Van Doren’s parachute had landed.

The authorities think that Els C. was behind the sabotage of Ranst resident Els Van Doren’s parachute. She fell to her death on 18 November last year.

The authorities believe the motive was related to a love triangle. Both the victim and the suspect had a relationship with Dutch parachute jumper Marcel S.

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