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Over 800 residents of Mol failed to put out any rubbish last year

The municipality operates a pay-as-you-go system that means that householders are billed depending on the weight of rubbish that is collected from householders’ grey trash containers.

Over 800 Molians failed to put out any trash last year and the municipality has now sent them a letter asking them what on earth has happened.

The system operated in Mol is called Diftar and Molians pay the cost of refuse collection and disposal depending on the weight of the trash that they put out.

With 829 householders not offering any trash whatsoever city cabinet member Peter Van Rompaey is left with many questions.

The city cabinet member has made it clear that he’s not out to fine the householders. “We are seeking information to allow us to develop our policies” he told VRT Radio 2.


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