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Ostend Teen Remains Under Arrest

6 February 2007

BRUSSELS — Attorney Antoon Coucke did not object yesterday after it was announced that his 18-year-old client Kenny B. would remain under arrest. His client is accused of having inflicted multiple blows and wounds leading to the victim’s death.

He is suspected of having stabbed two teenagers at the Marie-José Square in Ostend last Saturday. One of the victims of the attack, Bart Bonroy, died of the wounds.

”What happened was a tragic consequence of a banal incident”, attorney Antoon Coucke said. He said that his client was under the influence of alcohol. He could not comment on why his client had been carrying around a knife in his pocket all day long, saying only that it still had to be proved by the investigators.

In Coucke’s words, it is clear that Kenny B. had not planned the attack.

Kenny B.’s pre-trial detention has been prolonged by another month.

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