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Open VLD scraps term “allochtoon”

Published on 27/03/2007

27 March 2007

The Spiegelbureau (“reflection” bureau) of the Flemish liberal democrats (Open VLD) is responsible for ensuring that the party is as accurate as possible a reflection of society.

The party bureau has approved an initial memo that addresses the party’s use of language, among other things. “The language use in our publications must not be stigmatised at all for specific individuals,” the memo says. That is why from now on the term “allochtoon” will be replaced with “new Fleming.”

The Spiegelbureau, chaired by Noël Slangen, meets once a month and is expected to continue after the elections.

MPs Annemie Turtelboom and Patricia Ceysens and chairwoman Els Van der Hoof serve in the bureau to represent women. The new Flemings in the bureau include Sami Souguir, faction leader for the VLD in Ghent, Hicham el-Mzairh from Antwerp and Fatna el Maslouhi, municipal council member in Mechelen.

Young people, senior citizens and disabled people are also represented in the bureau.

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