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Open day 19 May at the British School of Brussels Early Learning and Development Centre

At the British School of Brussels (BSB), young children build positive relationships and take their first steps in life. We provide a unique environment that is positive, caring and safe for children aged one to three years old.

We provide outstanding facilities including, new high-quality equipment, with indoor and outdoor play and activity areas, including a woodland reserve. Children experience music and movement with a specialist primary music teacher and develop co-ordination and physical skills using onsite gym facilities.

Children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (UK) specially adapted for an international setting, taking a structured approach to learning through play, facilitating children’s progress to the Lower Primary School. We work in close partnership with parents to ensure an individualised approach encouraging optimal learning and development.

Children are supported in their learning by experienced and dedicated staff particularly able to support those children who do not have English as a first language. Our staff-to-children ratio is excellent. Come and see for yourself at the Early Learning and Development Centre open day.

Contact [email protected] or call 02 766 0430 for a scheduled tour.

Contributed by the British School of Brussels.

Open day on 19 May at the British School of Brussels