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One-legged terrorist to reveal the truth

19 October 2007

BRUSSELS – Youness Loukili (29), one of the main suspects in the terrorism trial currently being held in Brussels, has promised to tell the court the real story today about his part in fighting on the side of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq.

Anti-terrorism investigators are convinced that the Moroccan Belgian Loukili actually fought and even lost his leg while fighting for the leading terrorist Al Zarqawi. During questioning on Tuesday, however, Loukili denied he had ever been to Iraq. Up to now he has also stubbornly kept silent at the trial. Loukili said that he lost his leg in a traffic accident in Syria.

Christophe Marchand, Loukili’s lawyer, yesterday at 10.30 a.m. requested that the session be adjourned. Aftre the court session was resumed neither Marchand nor his colleagues were willing to comment why an ajournment had been requested. A reliable source has said that Loukili would like to shift his stance, and now wishes to tell what he was really up to in Iraq. That would certainly suit his lawyer.

On Monday Marchand said that the suspects on trial were “soldiers fighting a legitimate war against an occupying force.” According to him the rules of criminal law are not applicable in their case. However, his own client undermined this argument by stating that he had never fought in Iraq. It now remains to be seen if what Loukili has to say will hold.

Loukili and his five fellow suspects are on trial for taking the Belgian Muriel Degauque to Iraq. Degauque and her car loaded with explosives were blown to smithereens in a suicide attack on an American convoy.

Yesterday was also the first time that the prime suspect Bilal Soughir attended the trial. Up till then he had always refused to leave his cell.

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