Home News One in three Belgians suffer from emotional problems

One in three Belgians suffer from emotional problems

Published on 01/10/2014

The most common problems reported are insomnia, stress, anxiety disorders and depression.

The number of Belgians suffering from emotional problems has risen significantly, especially amongst young people below the age of 24.

Some 10 percent of our fellow countrymen and women experience anxiety issues.

One in five women rely on sleeping pills, sedative drugs and antidepressants daily. The rise of psychological and emotional problems is the highest amongst young women (15 – 24 year olds).

Outgoing federal health minister Laurette Onkelinx (Francophone Socialist) raises her concerns about this significant increase. “We need to keep putting effort into this”, Ms Onkelinx says.

Furthermore, 25 percent of all Belgians claim to suffer from chronic health issues.

The most common complaints are lower back pain, arthrosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The number of people suffering from high blood pressure, arthrosis and diabetes has risen significantly between 1997 and 2013.

Nonetheless, nearly 80 percent of all Belgians state they are in good health.


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