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One in five workers close to burn-out

31 May 2007

BRUSSELS – One in five Belgian workers is physically and emotionally drained because of work. That has emerged from a survey by online recruiting agency StepStone. 21,586 internet users in eight countries took part in the survey.

Belgians are among the three most stressed nationalities in Europe. Only about half of the Belgians (49 percent) who responded to the survey say that they were able to handle the pressure from their work without physical or emotional difficulty.

Only the Swedes and Germans are more stressed. No fewer than 56 percent of German respondents said that they suffer because of stress from work, in Sweden that figure was 59 percent.

The Danes and the Dutch seem to be the best at handling stress at work. 66 percent of the Danes and 62 percent of the Dutch said the pressure was manageable. That was significantly higher than in other countries.

StepStone surveyed 21,586 workers in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands and France. 2,280 of the respondents were Belgian.

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