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One in five Belgians ‘wants to be French’

Published on 22/06/2004

22 June 2004

BRUSSELS – If given the choice to change nationalities, 22 percent of Belgians would choose to become French while 16 percent of the Dutch would choose to become Belgian, it was reported Tuesday.

An International Reader’s Digest survey found that Belgians who dreamed of becoming French were mainly lured by French cuisine. Some 49 percent of respondents said they favored French cooking, while Italian cuisine came in second place with a 40 percent popularity rating.

The publication surveyed some 4,000 citizens in 19 European countries, including the residents of Belgian cities Hasselt and Charleroi.

Interestingly, culinary preferences differed between Flemings, of which 53 percent said they prefer French cooking, and Walloons, of which 64 percent lean toward Italian cooking.

Culinary tastes were not alone in influencing Belgians’ opinion of other nationalities: some 55 percent of Belgian respondents said they were seduced by Italian charm, while 29 percent said they liked British humor.

Germans were considered to be the least sympathetic of all nationalities, by some 22 percent of all respondents.

About one out of four Belgians said they did like their German neighbours very much. Though 32 percent of Belgians felt Germans should adopt a ‘more decent behaviour,’ some did have some kind words: nearly half (48 percent) of Belgians viewed Germans as being very efficient.

Belgians’ favourite European cities are Paris (25 percent), Rome (10 percent) and Barcelona (9 percent). Among all survey respondents the top three cities were found to be Paris, London and Rome.

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