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One in five agencies sign charter

2 May 2007

BRUSSELS – 20 of the 92 modelling agencies in Flanders have already signed a charter in which they pledge not to recommend models who are unreasonably thin.

A similar charter has also been signed by three publishers of women’s magazines, one designer and two models. Flemish Minister for Public Health and Welfare Inge Vervotte (Flemish Christian democrat CD&V) has stated this in answer to written questions from MP Hilde Crevits (CD&V).

The charter is an initiative from the minister herself. Vervotte says there are strong indications that the socio-cultural context influences eating disorders.

A link between attention to models and eating disorders has been ascertained particularly among girls between the ages of 14 and 17. Extremely thin models reportedly go to a great deal of trouble to stay unnaturally thin.

Modelling agencies that have signed the charter pledge to propose that their clients use models that “reflect the age and maturity of the target audience.” They must also give out “a clearly positive vibe and be mentally sound and feel comfortable with themselves.”

All modelling agencies have been approached to sign the charter. Vervotte plans to do the same with publishers and designers.

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