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One in 100 cars uninsured

Published on 03/04/2007

3 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Between 60,000 and 90,000 cars, motorcycles, lorries and other motor vehicles are driving on Belgian roads without insurance.

About 1 to 1.5 percent of the 6 million registered vehicles in Belgium are on the roads without an insurance card, according to Veridass, the databank of the Belgian Motor Guarantee Fund.

In addition to the sporadic police checks, the Veridass has come up with a better way to track these drivers down by comparing the information from the Motor Vehicle Registration Service (DIV) with the records held by insurance companies.

Owners whose vehicles carry number plates that are not linked with an insurance policy will be notified by letter. If they fail to fulfil the legal requirements then their information will be passed on to police and the public prosecution office.

The sanctions range from confiscation of the number plates to confiscation of the vehicle.

The Veridass service will target drivers who have recently terminated their insurance policies.

According to the most recent figures from the insurance sector, there were 8,165 accidents involving uninsured vehicles in 2005. That is just over 22 accidents a day.

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