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Number of young runaways on the rise

Published on 15/02/2005

15 February 2005

BRUSSELS – The number of children running away from home in Belgium is on the increase, according to the latest figures that were released on Tuesday.

The charity Child Focus recorded 1,345 runaways last year, 100 more than the previous year and 250 more than in 2002.

According to the child protection organisation, more and more children run away every year, with the majority trying to escape a conflict at home.

Some children flee an alcoholic parent, others run away from family abuse and many children want to leave home because of family arguments.

Children from immigrant families sometimes feel frustrated by the differences between the culture of their parents and the culture of Belgium.

Guillermo Rubio, a psychologist at Abaka, an advice centre for adolescents, told Le Soir that the problem is a relatively new one and is down to the deterioration of family values.

Generally, running away is a cry for help, with half the cases of children leaving home resolved within 48 hours.

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