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Nuclear watchdog warns against Radon in homes

Radon is a radioactive, colourless, odourless and tasteless noble gas that exists in nature. It can be given out by the soil or building materials such as concrete, bricks or natural stone.

Occupants will not notice the presence of radon, be it in large or in small quantities.

In most cases, the gas is not harmful.

The problems emerge when there is a lack of ventilation, combined with long-term exposure, in which case it can cause lung cancer. Official figures say that radon kills 480 Belgians each year.

Radon can be a problem in old houses, but also in new constructions such as low- or zero-emission houses. The FANC is setting up a new campaign called Actie 2014 to alert the public.

"It is especially important to realise that a house has to be aired sufficiently. For new constructions, adequate measures should be taken to prevent that radon is emitted, for example by way of an air-tight floor. If people should have any doubts, they can buy the equipment to measure the presence of radon and check for themselves", says expert Boris Dehandschutter of the FANC.


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