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No steps against zoo until investigation

12 February 2007

BRUSSELS – Federal Minister for Animal Welfare Rudy Demotte (Socialist Party) has ordered his administration to send an inspection team to the Olmense Zoo.

The team will investigate whether all safety measures are in accordance with the standards and regulations incorporated in the laws governing zoos.

The Committee for Zoological Institutes will also be informed of the situation. It sets the relevant standards in the legislation.

“The committee has been instructed to look into whether the regulations and standards are still sufficient or whether they might need to be tightened up. In that case not only for the Olmense Zoo, but for zoos in general,” said Van de Cruys.

The government will not take any steps against the zoo until the inspectors have looked into the situation on site. “The inspection will take place as soon as possible, maybe even this week,” Van de Cruys said.

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