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No mistakes during first smog day

15 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Flemish minister for the environment Kris Peeters is going to evaluate the “teething problems” with the new speed limit system aimed at combating the increase of particulate matter in the atmosphere. No errors were made during the introduction of the system, the minister says.

There could have been improvements in communication on the system however, Peeters says.

Wednesday was the first time that speed limits on the Flemish motorways were lowered because of particulate matter in the air. Jan Peumans (N-VA) asked Minister Peeters whether communication on the limits, particularly with the regional services and police, went smoothly.

The minister answered that the 296 signs, which had to be turned around to show the lower speed limit, had all been turned round by 12 noon on Wednesday. The police only stopped people for violations if the signs were showing the correct speed limit, Peeters said.

Flor Koninckx (SP.A) said that some motorists were unable to see the signs indicating a 90 km/hr speed limit clearly, and that this was probably the reason why so many people were caught for violations.

About 3,000 motorists can expect a notification of a fine in the post.

Koninckx and Patrick Lachaert (Open VLD) asked whether the public could be informed a bit earlier in future. Peeters pointed out that extremely changeable weather conditions, as was the case yesterday, make this difficult. Peeters will evaluate the system however.

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