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No heightened terror risk for Belgium

Published on 22/07/2005

22 July 2005

BRUSSELS — Belgian intelligence and security services met on Thursday after the news of the London bombings swept across Europe.

However, there is no heightened risk posed against Belgium, the Ministerial Committee for Intelligence and Safety said.

The committee is comprised of the Belgian security, justice and intelligence services, newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ explained.
Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said the committee met at 6pm on Thursday to re-evaluate security and safety in response to the latest London bombings.

An initial analysis indicated that the attacks were incidents with “restricted consequences”, but that it was too early to obtain a clear picture of what had occurred.
The committee said there was no indication of a heightened risk posed against Belgium. It cited all of the data available to Belgian intelligence and security services to support its conclusions.

However, the situation will be monitored in the coming few days. Police and security services will remain “alert” around the public transport network and public events.

Prime Minister Verhofstadt also said the extra security measures taken after the 7 July attacks in London will remain in force.

“The analysis in the coming days and weeks will reveal whether an adjustment of these measures should be taken,” he said.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry said it had temporarily decided against changing its travel advice for Britain.

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