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‘No extra Belgian controls’ on Onur Air

19 May 2005
BRUSSELS – The blanket controls promised on the planes of a suspect Turkish airline are hot air, according to Belgian aeronautical authorities.

Belgium’s Mobility Minister Renaat Landuyt had promised that all Onur Air planes landing in Belgium would receive special safety checks.

He gave the assurance after planes were diverted to Zaventem and Charleroi airports after the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland banned the company until 12 June over safety concerns.

On Thursday, however, the media reported that in practice checks on Onur Air planes would be undertaken on a random basis.

Hugo Spruyt, speaking for the general management of Belgium’s aeronautical administration, said it was impossible to ensure every plane was checked.

“We don’t have enough personnel,” he stated.

Out of all the Onur Air planes that have been checked, two have been banned from landing at Belgian airports until a series of maintenance works have been carried out.

On Wednesday, Andre Antoine, the Walloon minister responsible for airport policy, assured the Walloon parliament that an Onur A320 airbus which had landed at Charleroi at the weekend had been checked and was perfectly in order.

On Thursday, Turkish and Dutch aeronautical experts were still discussing the Onur Air ban.

Onur Air announced it had decided to suspend legal action against the Dutch authorities while the negotiations continued.

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