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Nine arrested over claims of forced animal sex

13 May 2004

AMSTERDAM — Six men and three women, aged between 20 and 45, have been arrested in the Netherlands by police investigating claims women were kidnapped, raped and forced to have sex with animals. The case came to light when a Belgian woman escaped from her captors.

The 22-year-old woman went to police in the Dutch province Flevoland on 25 April and explained she had just escaped from a shed in the town of Kraggenburg.

She claimed she had been lured into a car in Brussels under false pretences and driven to the Netherlands by her kidnappers.

The woman said the kidnappers took photographs while she was forced to have sex with several men and with animals. She was also punished, kicked and threatened.

Her story is supported by two other women who claim they were kidnapped by the same gang and forced to have sex with men and animals. They escaped from the abductors in The Hague.

Eight detectives are investigating the case and they have not ruled out the kidnappers are part of a large porn network.

Three of the nine kidnap suspects detained by investigators over the last few weeks are women. Reports say two or three of the suspects are Belgian and the rest are Dutch.

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