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Newborn found in canal

Published on 13/04/2007

13 April 2007

BRUSSELS – A cyclist found a dead baby in a canal in Kampenhout on Wednesday evening. The boy, “hardly a few days old,” was in a torn plastic bag.

The local man who found the baby wants to remain anonymous. He spotted a plastic bag with two thin legs sticking out as he cycled along the canal at about 8.30 pm last night.

The baby was a few days old at most. The umbilical cord had not been entirely cut and the body was in an advanced state of decay. Authorities suspect the body was dumped in the water several days ago.

Nothing is known of the identity of the child or parents. “It would surprise me if the baby came from very far away, because there is hardly any current here,” said the mayor of Kamphout, Jean Meeus.

Police are asking anyone with information about the baby or parents to come forward.

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