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New transport strike looms

Published on 25/11/2004

25 November 2004

BRUSSELS – Another strike looks set to disrupt trams, buses and metros in Brussels on Monday, 29 November.

Management from STIB, the city’s public transport operator, met with the socialist union CGSP on Wednesday afternoon for two-and-a-half hours of talks in a bid to avoid the stoppage.

But after the talks the unionists said that while they had achieved some concessions they were not sufficiently satisfied to call off the strike.

STIB’s managing director Alain Flausch said Wednesday’s talks had been positive and had laid valuable ground work for future discussions.

But he said some of the demands of the CGSP could not be met from STIB’s current budget.

The CGSP is now the only STIB union still threatening strike action after the Christian and Liberal unions signed a deal with the company earlier this month.

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