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New search for suspected Fourniret victim

Published on 27/02/2006

27 February 2006

BRUSSELS — A new search for one of Michel Fourniret’s possible victims will be carried out from 6 March.

The search will be conducted in a forest in Sart-Custinne.

Mushroom pickers have said they noticed a strong smell of rotting flesh and justice authorities suspect there is a link to the Fourniret case.

The forest adjoins the Rue de Vencimont in Sart-Custinne where the confessed French serial killer lived.

A mushroom picker reported the smell to justice authorities in Dinant, Belgium, back in December.

Other mushroom pickers also remember a strong smell emanating from the region in recent months.

Fourniret is accused of a series of murders and was extradited from Belgium to France in January. His wife, Monique Olivier, was extradited to France in December.

Both of them will be placed on trial later this year in Charleville-Mezieres, France, because most of the crimes are alleged to have taken place in France.

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