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New search for evidence at Fourniret house

Published on 11/04/2005

11 April 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian investigators are to carry out another search of the Belgian home of self-confessed French serial killer Michel Fourniret, saying they will be looking for “at least” one body.

Investigators said on Monday that the search at Fourniret’s house in Sart-Custinne in the Belgian Ardennes would involve digging up parts of the property’s garden and would last “two or three weeks.”

They added that they were looking for the body of “at least” one young girl.

The girl in question is believed to have worked as an au pair for Fourniret and his wife, Monique Olivier, in the early 1990s.

Olivier says her husband murdered the girl after trying to rape her.

“Monique Olivier’s statement in March lead us to believe that there is at least one body at Mr. Fourniret’s property,” Belgian prosecutor Arnoud d’Aspremont Lynden explained.

In addition, investigators will look for traces of two other baby sitters who Olivier says are also buried at the Sart-Custinne house.

D’Aspremont Lynden explained that his services only had an “imprecise idea” of where the bodies of the girls might be buried.

“Perhaps these searches will yield nothing, but we think we could not permit ourselves not to carry them out,” he explained.

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