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New rules to make it easier for pensioners to work

In some cases, people will be able to work as much as they want beyond retirement age, while others will find it easier to earn a little extra to top up their pension.

The proposals came from two liberal ministers in the Federal Government, the Fleming Alexander De Croo (Pensions) and the Francophone Sabine Laruelle (Buisness).

Once the new rules come into force, over 65’s that have worked for at least 42 years will be allowed to earn as much as they like. Meanwhile, those younger than 65 that have worked less than 42 years will be allowed to work more than is currently the case without losing their pension.

There are currently around 80,000 self-employed people that work beyond retirement age. In addition to this there are also some over 65’s that have continued in employment.

Mr De Croo and Ms Laruelle say that many pensioners want to remain economically active, earn a little extra to supplement their pensions and contribute to society.

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