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New racist death threat forFlemish business chief

Published on 10/02/2005

10 February 2005

BRUSSELS – The head of the Remmery firm in Ledegem has been sent a sixth death threat by nationalist extremists.

The letter, sent by the Nieuw Vrij Vlaanderen to the Belgian press, threatens the “execution of Remmery as an example to other company bosses.”

Rik Remmery’s ‘offence’ has been to allow a Muslim employee, Naima Amzil, to wear her headscarf at work.

In December, the Belgian king openly voiced his support for Remmery, inviting him and Amzil to the palace to discuss the racist harassment they were experiencing.

Although Amzil stopped wearing her veil in an attempt to calm the situation, Remmery has said he will not bow to the extremists and has been placed under police protection.

Remmery said the king’s support had encouraged him to stand firm.

“If we receive more threats, we will take the same decision,” he said in December.

The company boss has also received support from the Flemish Union of Medium-Sized Businesses (UNIZO) which collected 25,000 signatures in a petition of solidarity.

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