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New move to reduce dog bite injuries

25 April 2005

BRUSSELS – The government has launched a new brochure which gives advice on preventing dogs from biting.

On Monday, La Libre Belgique reported that health minister Rudy Demotte wants to cut Belgium’s tally of 100,000 dog bites a year.

According to a study by Professor Andre Kahn, some 65 percent of the bites happen in Belgian homes and the vast majority of bites treated at hospital (95 percent) have been committed by a dog that the victim knows.

As part of an action plan on the problem, Demotte unveiled a practical guide titled “A dog, yes! Bites, no!”

The brochure is to be given out to any new owner applying for a pet passport and will also be available for dog breeders, vets and other professionals.

It gives advice on how to identify signs of aggression in dogs and how to avoid being bitten.

Demotte also announced several proposals for new laws on the matter, including requiring owners to spend a minimum amount of time per day with their pets in order to ensure they are tame.

Anyone who wants a copy of the guide can get it at:


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