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“New government by 15 August”

5 July 2007

BRUSSELS – Informateur Didier Reynders thinks that the government negotiations should begin as soon as possible. He hopes a new team of ministers will be in place by 15 August. He recommends a two party government of liberals and Christian democrats.

Reynders submitted his 200-page report to the king on Wednesday, completing his duties as informateur. Reynders had been appointed to sound out the political parties on their vision for a new government. Reynders says his report is complete and that no further information gathering is necessary, although it is of course up to the king if he wants to appoint a second informateur, Reynders added.

Reynders hopes that the real negotiations can begin soon, preferably before 21 July. “The country needs a government to start work.” Reynders has set the target date of 15 August for the inauguration of a new government.

Reynders expressed a preference for a coalition of liberals and Christian democrats. A tripartite system is always possible, but it is easier with just two parties involved.

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