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New electric train in Brussels’ future pedestrian heaven

Published on 25/11/2014

The aim of the plan is to ensure that the city centre can be reached as a destination, but that through-traffic is deterred.

Many streets in the city centre will become pedestrian precincts or will only allow one-way traffic. Smart traffic lights will be installed on the ring road.

The number of streets from which the car is banned is being doubled.

Brussels city cabinet member for transport Els Ampe says that after Venice, Brussels will have the largest car-free zone of any European city.

Pedestrian heaven is being extended around the market square, the Zavel/Sablon District and the Dansaert District.

A free electric train will run in the pedestrian precincts.

The bus stops Beurs and De Brouckere that function as final stops for many lines are being moved to Lombardstraat, the Adolphe Maxlaan and the Emile Jacqmainlaan.

First changes will be noticeable as early as 13 December. More extensive changes start in the summer of 2015.


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