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New child access law mooted

Published on 02/11/2004

2 November 2004

BRUSSELS – A change in the law could help thousands of separated Belgian parents see their children, it was reported on Tuesday.

Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx said each year in Belgium there were 50,000 complaints from parents who were prevented from having contact with their sons and daughters.

Of all the crimes committed by separating couples, 74 percent of them are guardians denying their children’s father or mother their legal visiting rights.

Other crimes include partners failing to pay child maintenance (23 percent of cases) or children being neglected (2.3 percent).

According to Luc Arron of family support organisation Steunpunt Blijvend Ouderschap, more and more mothers are denying their ex-partners access to their children, with courts receiving five percent more complaints every year on the issue.

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