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New body search in Fourniret case

15 September 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian police are to search a lake in the south of the country in a bid to find one of the alleged victims of confessed child killer Michel Fourniret, it was announced on Wednesday.

Forensic experts will on 23 September begin digging on the bed of the lake near the town of Rienne in the Belgian Ardennes.

The lake is being drained ahead of the search.

Investigators are looking for the body of an un-named au pair girl who worked for Fourniret and his wife Monique Olivier in 1993.

Olivier says her estranged husband killed the girl but Fourniret himself denies this.

Fourniret has already confessed to killing nine people in France and Belgium. 

Eight of these victims were women or young girls. The ninth was a man who Fourniret said he killed for money.

Police in France and Belgium suspect the self- confessed killer might have been involved in many more murders.

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