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New asylum procedure as of 1 June

8 May 2007

BRUSSELS – A new procedure will be in effect for the reception of asylum seekers from 1 June. One of the most significant changes is that asylum seekers will no longer receive financial support from the OCMW social service office.

Until now asylum seekers in the second phase of their asylum application procedure could claim financial support from the OCMW. But the new procedure does not allow this. They will only get material support from the social service while they are resident in an asylum centre.

The new procedure aims at allowing a maximum stay of four months in an asylum centre before an applicant is moved into a private residence by the OCMW. Vulnerable groups like unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and elderly applicants will be given special attention and assistance suited to their needs.

Every asylum seeker will receive information on his rights and responsibilities. Brochures on the new procedure are being prepared in 10 languages.

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