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Mystery surrounds “freezer murders”

13 July 2007

VERVIERS – The man suspected of having killed his wife and son and then hiding their bodies in a deep freeze continues to be unclear in his statements about the death of the boy, authorities in Verviers said on Friday.

The man has already made a partial statement on the death of his wife, but the circumstances in which the 11-year-old boy met his end continue to be a mystery.

“Nothing new has turned up in the case,” says Christine Wilwerth, public prosecutor in Verviers. “The suspected murderer has still not given an explanation of the boy’s death. The only thing we know is that both victims were killed by stabbing. But the autopsy report has not yet been added to the file so the examining judge has not yet had access to that.”

Moreover it is still impossible to ascertain an exact time of death. “We are trying to establish the time of death based on the last time people reported seeing the two victims, but we cannot make any comments on that for the time being,” the spokesperson said.

Investigation is also still needed into the statements from the victims’ family, who said they were not worried because they regularly received sms text messages and e-mails from the husband in which he made it sound as if his wife and son were alive.

The man has still not said anything about these facts and for the time being it cannot be ascertained whether the wife was still alive at the time the messages were sent.

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