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Murder Suspect Disclosed During Lie-Detector Test

Published on 01/02/2007

1 February 2007

BRUSSELS — Abdallah Ait Oud, the only suspect in the murder of schoolgirls Stacy en Nathalie from Liege has been disclosed when a lie-detector was used, writes De Standaard.

Ait Oud asked to take a lie-detector test himself. The test was performed last month and revealed a number of questions to which the answers Ait Oud gave were untrue.

For example, Ait Oud has apparently been to the place where the girls’ bodies were hidden, contrary to what he had told the interrogators earlier.

The victims’ families have already been informed of the test’s results.

The lie-detector test was not the first disclosing element for Abdallah Ait Oud. As was reported earlier, Stacy’s three hairs had been discovered on his trousers.

Notwithstanding the above leads,  Ait Oud keeps denying having anything to do with the murder of the two girls. He insists that the experts made a mistake and that the lie-detector did not work properly.

On Thursday it will be decided whether Ait Oud’s arrest can be prolonged. He will be defended by his new lawyer Olivier Martins for the first time.

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