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Murder of pianist Benjamin Rawitz : 2 arrests

Benjamin Rawitz was murdered in his apartment in Brussels on 29 August, 2006. The judicial authorities have treated the case as a murder in the course of a robbery.

Two suspects have been arrested, both of them 17 years old.

One of the minors is involved in another police case and is being treated as an adult, despite his minor age.

The other suspect is in a juvenile detention centre.

(Photo, police drawing of one of the suspects)

The two suspects have allegedly confessed that they were present when Mr Rawitz was murdered during the course of a robbery.  

Further details are not forthcoming at the moment.

World class reputation

Benjamin Rawitz was a world-renowned classical pianist, famous for his Schubert renditions.

He graduated from the Donia Weizman Conservatory in Haifa, Israel.  Benjamin Rawitz continued his studies in Tel Aviv and at the Royal Brussels Conservatory. He settled in Brussels where he based his solo and chamber music career. He also taught at the Royal Brussels Conservatory.