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Muntplein incident: driver sectioned

Conditions have been set on his release. The driver will have to take treatment for mental problems. He has meanwhile been sectioned and is in a psychiatric hospital.

Earlier public prosecutors requested that the man be held and face charges of attempted manslaughter. They also sought a psychiatric report because it was clear when he was detained that he needed psychiatric care.

The driver is not at large though. He has been sectioned and is receiving treatment in a mental hospital.

The incident happened near the skating rink on the Muntplein in Brussels on Sunday shortly before 6pm.

Jennifer Vanderputten, spokeswoman for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office: “The driver drove into pedestrians who were crossing the street. Three people were hurt. The 58-year-old was taken into custody, obliged to hand in his licence and his vehicle was towed away.”

“The man was acting alone. This wasn’t an attack on the Christmas market.”

A terrorist attack seems unlikely, though the incident does resemble similar events in France. In Nantes and Dijon, two drivers ran into groups of people. At least one incident is believed to be a terrorist act. One person died on each occasion.


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